Guidelines for oral presentation

The time allowed for the oral presentation is 20 minutes. It includes the presentation of the research and its results – approx. 15 minutes, and time for questions and discussions – approx. 5 minutes. All presentations must be made in English. There will be no simultaneous translation of the presentation.

Presentations (made in Power Point or PDF) should include:

  • on the first slide: title of the presentation, author / authors, affiliations
  • at the end of the presentation: conclusions formulated in points

The presenters should make sure that their presentation fits in this timeframe.

The moderator of the session may refuse to consent to the presentation of materials whose title or authors are inconsistent with the data provided for registration, approved for presentation and included in the Conference program.

Presenters are expected to be in the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.The presentations may be uploaded in the beginning of the session, in the session room. The chair and / or other members of the organizing team will be available for assistance