Where will the IUGB 2023 congress be?

The Warsaw University of Life Sciences is the oldest agricultural and natural science university in Poland, its origins date back to 1816. The school is a thriving academic center, receiving recognition and unflagging interest among young people and teaching staff in Poland and abroad, valued for its care for the quality of education, faithfulness to the best university traditions, openness to change, and dynamic development.

The university offers 40 fields of study (including 9 taught in English): from natural science and technology to veterinary medicine, social and economic studies. There are nearly 16,000 students in full-time, part-time, doctoral, and post-graduate study courses, as well as international exchange student.

Modern research centers and laboratories at our disposal, as well as the presence of outstanding experts, allow us to educate and conduct world-class research and transfer results to the economy, which has an impact on innovation and progress in, inter alia, agriculture, food economy and medicine, and contributes to the growing importance of Polish science in the world.

Communication with the center and the University

Airport – Center; Center – Airport

Chopin Airport is located 8 km from the center of Warsaw. There are several lines of public transport to the airport. The three main lines to the city center are:

  • bus line no. 175
  • city train SKM no. S2
  • night bus line no. N32

Buses depart from the airport stop at the bus stop located on the lower level of the terminal (at the arrivals hall). Buses arriving at the airport stop at the upper level of the terminal (next to the departure hall).

Next to the terminal, there is the underground railway station “Warsaw Chopin Airport”, where the S2 city train depart and arrive.

Airport – University; University – Airport

The university is located approx. 7 km from the airport. It is directly connected with the bus line no. 148, which departs from the airport (the stop located at the lower level of the terminal). The stop where you need to get off is called “SGGW – Biblioteka” and is right next to the University. You need to allocate about 30 minutes to travel by bus. It is also possible to travel by car, taxi (Uber, Bolt), in which case the journey will take about 15-20 minutes.

University – Centrum; Center – University

There are many means of transport from the University to the city center, but the metro is the fastest and most convenient. “Ursynów” metro station is located 10 minutes by foot from the campus. The journey to and from the city center takes approx. 25 minutes. The subway stations located in the very center of Warsaw are called “Centrum” and “Świętokrzyska”.

Helpful information:

You can buy tickets at: newsagents, ticket machines located at many bus stops, buses, trams and metro stations. Note: Not every bus or tram is equipped with a ticket machine.

The same type of tickets is valid for buses, trams and the underground. Information about the types of tickets and their prices can be found at:

The currency in Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN). Money can be exchanged at the airport, hotels, banks and currency exchange offices – 1Euro is approx. PLN 4.8

It is common to make payments with payment cards.