The University of Life Sciences offers a limited number of beds in its dormitories. In the assistant’s home “Ikar” there are 30 beds in double rooms and 25 single rooms. The accommodation includes a continental buffet breakfast.

Information on contact, booking, conditions and payment for accommodation in “Ikar” can be found on the website:

There is also a possibility of accommodation in the “Limba” dormitory. There are segments consisting of two double rooms with a shared bathroom. The cost of accommodation for 1 person in a room is 85 PLN for 1 night (approx. 30 EUR/person/night). The cost of accommodation for 2 people – 70 PLN/ 1 person/night (approx.. 25 EUR/person/night. Breakfast is not included in this dormitory. Payment possible in cash or by card.

If you are interested in staying in the “Limba” dormitory, please fill out the form below (deadline for booking “Limba” – 30/04/2023)

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    Warsaw offers a wide range of hotels of various standards and locations. Most of the properties are available on the or platforms

    There are several hotels within walking distance of Warsaw University of Life sciences. Information about them is provided below

    404 Rooms Wilanowska

    To get from the hotel to the University, go to the “Dolina Służewiecka 01” bus stop. Take the bus number 148 or 166. Each of these buses will take you to the bus sto “ SGGW-Biblioteka 01” which is located next to the University.

    You can also walk from the hotel to University. Walk takes about 25 minutes. 

    404 Rooms Zamiany Ursynów

    The hotel is approximately 350 from the University. It takes approximately 5 minutes to walk to the university campus.

    Apartamenty Silver Premium

    The university is located about 1 km from Silver Premium Apartments. We can get to the University by bus no. 401 from the “Noskowskiego 01” bus stop. We get off at the “SGGW Biblioteka 01” bus stop. The bus journey takes approximately 5 minutes and the walk is approximately 13 minutes.

    Hlonda Deluxe Apartment with Terrace

    The quickest and easiest way to travel from Hlonda Deluxe Apartment with Terrace to the University is by walking. The university is approximately 1.5 km away. The walk takes approximately 20 minutes.

    Modern & Functional Apartment Wwa

    Modern & Functional Apartment Wwa is situated 1.3 km from the University. We can walk to the University, which takes about 17 minutes. We can also take bus no. 503 or no. 185 from the “Polinezyjska 03” bus stop, getting off next to the university at the “Ursynów Płn 02” bus stop.