36th Congress of International Union of Game Biologists
Quo vadis Wildlife Management?

Conference venue- Water Centre Laboratory, Jana Ciszewskiego 6, 02-766 Warszawa


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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Union of Game Biologists (IUGB) and the host institution- Institute of Animal Sciences and Institute of Forest Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the 36th IUGB Congress, which will be held in Warsaw on August 28-31, 2023.

For over a half century, IUGB has been a forum for discussion and presentation of research related to nature management, nature protection, agriculture, forestry and the coexistence of man and nature.

Currently, we are witnessing dynamic natural, demographic and social processes that have a significant impact on the surrounding nature and its resources. The landscape is changing dynamically in front of our eyes. The way societies across the globe use nature is also changing. On one hand, we would like to use natural resources and live comfortably in the environment of unspoiled nature, on the other, however, we do not allow us to realize that our existence, regardless of the trends of being “green”, has a very large and usually negative impact on the natural environment.

For this reason, the primary goal of the IUGB is to continue the exchange of knowledge on the results of basic and applied research in the field of broadly understood wildlife management and nature protection.

Currently, wildlife management and hunting, which are an integral part of the active protection of ecosystems, are experiencing a noticeable crisis. Modern societies are less in favour of hunting as a method of using renewable natural resources. Furthermore, new conflicts arise between certain species of wild animals and forestry, agriculture and epidemiological safety of farm animals or humans. Such situation requires scientists to both monitor the changes that take place and constantly modify the methods of environmental management. It is also necessary to undertake informational and educational campaigns targeted at societies so that the knowledge about sustainable management of natural resources is more widely disseminated, understood and accepted.


Consequently, the theme of the conference was formulated as the question:

Quo vadis Wildlife Management? The future of wildlife management in changing social and environmental realities”.

Main topics of our discussions, oral presentations and posters were grouped into the following thematic blocks:

  1. Biology of wildlife
  2. Ecology and environment
  3. Managing of wildlife populations
  4. Monitoring the game species – knowing how many animals there is or knowing how many can be shot?
  5. Welfare, pathology and diseases
  6. The role of urbanized areas for game and protected animals – benefits and threats for humans and animals
  7. Wildlife management in forestry and agricultural agrocenosis
  8. Hunting and society – methods of assessing public opinion, education and promotion of hunting as a protection and sustainable use of natural resources
  9. Benefits and costs of wildlife management – recreation, business, mitigation of conflicts ….. or all in one (?)

Dear Colleague, we are honoured to invite you to participate in the 36th IUGB Congress!



The Congress is held under the honorary patronage
Director General of the State Forests